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Canvas Sun Yantra, Surya Yantra, Vastu, Healing, Spiritual Home, Sacred Geometry

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Sun "Surya" Solar Yantra on canvas high-quality - Harnessing Planetary Yantras for Vastu and Spiritual Abode. Unlock the Art of Healing through Sacred Geometry and Infuse Positive Energy into Your Home.
This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

**SUN "SURYA" YANTRA: Radiance and Harmony**

The Sun Yantra, or "Surya Yantra," is a symbol of positivity, vitality, and well-being. It encompasses qualities like good health, tolerance, resilience, and the radiant light of the sun. It's also associated with career growth, success, leadership, and the authority that comes with it.

Positioning the Solar Yantra in the eastern direction is of paramount importance. The sun, being the source of life and energy, bestows humanity with good health, vigor, and success. Embracing the Surya Yantra invites light and happiness into your life, resonating with the powerful mantra: "Om Suryaya Namaha."

**Sacred Geometry: Yantras as Spiritual Art**

Yantras, these intricate geometric patterns, are the conduits of cosmic energy and serve as formidable tools for harmony, prosperity, good health, success, and the enhancement of yoga and meditation practices. The secret lies in their design: gazing upon the center of the Yantra engages the eyes and mind, elevating consciousness to profound levels.

Planetary Yantras, a subset of these cosmic tools, excel at rectifying imbalances caused by planetary alignments in your birth chart. Each planet in our solar system holds unique energies and vibrations, symbolized by distinct Yantras. There are individual Yantras for all nine planets, along with the comprehensive Navagraha Yantra. These Yantras are meticulously energized to tap into their stored energies.

**Planetary Yantras in Vastu: Balancing Energies**

In the realm of Vastu, each major planet exerts its influence over one of the eight cardinal compass directions. Every planet possesses a specific energy and resonance, expressed through a special symbol known as a "yantra." These planetary yantras are the visual representations of these unique vibrations and wield a potent influence on the environment.

The purpose of planetary yantras is to channel positive energy, providing essential support to help you realize your aspirations and dreams. They harmonize the energies at play, bringing equilibrium to your life's cosmic dance.


SIZE 30/30 centimetres 

Depth 1.9 centimetres

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Canvas Sun Yantra, Surya Yantra, Vastu, Healing, Spiritual Home, Sacred Geometry
Canvas Sun Yantra, Surya Yantra, Vastu, Healing, Spiritual Home, Sacred Geometry
0,00 $
70,00 $
Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.